Project Bonneville 2018

BUA Motorsport is very proud to announce its plans for 2018.

In 2017 things didn’t go quite according to plan for the team but the Pro-charger Chevrolet powered rear engine roadster 7551 owned by Brian Hope of Rat Trap Racing and driven by Geoff Stilwell became the unofficial record holders of the class at 221mph beating the original record by some 9mph. Sadly on that run, the car suffered some serious damage to the transmission and caught fire and unfortunately, it could not be repaired in time to complete the backup run needed to secure the record. The team left Bonneville happy that the car had gone the fastest it ever had and happy it blew the current record away. Very sad though because we could not back up the run. As they say ….racing has more lows than highs but when you get a high, boy it takes weeks to come down.

So moving on to 2018. Many race fans out there will know the names of Carl Olson and Mike Kuhl. Well a few years ago, Mike and Carl together with friend Don Bowman put together an amazing Landspeed Car. Powered by a 500 cu in Keith Black Hemi. On its second pass, it ran 233mph over the mile at Bonneville with 200mph club member Carl Olson at the wheel. Sadly due to illness diagnosed shortly after Mike Kuhl has been unable to participate in the K O B Racing Program. A chance meeting at Bonneville between BUA Motorsport Owner Geoff Stilwell and Carl Olson lead to some discussions about the car. Well BUA Motorsport is extremely proud to announce that it has taken over the ownership of one of the most iconic Landspeed car ever built.

Geoff said, “This is a stunning car to look at visually, its construction is absolutely superb and with Mike’s attention to detail makes it not only one of the “baddest” hot rods but one of the fastest cars out there. We have a 300mph car here and I am going to do my best to run that in 2018.

I need to say a huge thank you to Mike Kuhl, Carl Olson & Don Bowman for building an amazing car plus another huge thank you to the following people:-

Bill Schultz of the “Over the Hill Gang” and the Schultz and Glen Nostalgia Top Fuel Car for his guidance and help.

Bob & Sharon Muravez for just being there for me and helping me achieve this dream of holding a Landspeed Record.

Not forgetting the entire Hope Family and Rat Trap Racing because without them I would not be doing this”.

In addition, I am also very proud to announce that LUCAS OIL has agreed to support the project for 2018 and I cannot thank Les Downey & Tom Bogner of Lucas Oil for their support and help. or